Saturday, February 27, 2010

Singing Children

I hear the children singing against the mourning dove’s cry

They tread red earth and praise a blue sky

They eat the raw cocoa

They tell me it’s sweet

I’ve tasted it too

I say,

“Too bitter to eat.”

I hear them humming

I’ll try to hum too

I’m no longer a child

But I can still stay in tune

My notes scurry to run with these children of the sun

They sing to me that I cry too much


“Mother! Give us your teardrops. We’ll drop some in our eyes

We’ll cry into the soil and help you sprout more life

When you can cry no longer

We’ll cry the final batch out

If we do things this way

There’ll be enough crying to go around

One day we’ll cry less. Laugh more

One day we’ll cry less. Laugh more.”

Sing the children against the mourning dove’s cry

They tread red earth and praise a blue sky

They eat raw cocoa

They tell me it’s sweet

I’ve tasted it too

I say,

“Too bitter to eat.”

I say,

“Soon. Too bitter for you to eat.”

Love Initiative Clip

Untitled Excerpt

She thinks in squares. The lines are distinct and they clearly mark her intellectual and emotional territories. They are tightly woven and knitted together to form a neat, digestible package of thinking. And the squares of thought are fixed and immovable in her mind. Fixed and immovable. And every time she thinks out a word the vowels and consonants are doled out sparingly. And you can even feel her thoughts placing the periods to end each sentence. Hmm. Get her to speak in an incomplete sentence and see what happens. Just listen to her. Her voice is set to a more definitive instead of a, “I’m-the-question- asking- type” tone. It must be interesting to live so complete like that. Just look at her. Hair neatly parted and pulled into two tight French braids. So tight you can’t even see the kinks in her hair. So tight there’s not enough space for a kink to breathe out.

She wears brightly colored earrings though. It’s the only thing that dangles and moves freely on her whole body. They dangle royal blue and indigo against a canvas of brown. And it’s those earrings that make her a work of art. And if you were to take those earrings away…well. I think she’d just be a square.

But brightly colored earrings are telling. If she wanted to be that square she’d have chosen little studs that sparkle light on occasion. Or even better, tiny little pearls that almost disappeared itself into the holes of her earlobe. But those earrings are chandeliered dripping color wildly against a brown neck. And she carries the weight of those earrings as if she was wearing lightless studs. Or invisible pearls. ..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Initiative

When the body and mind forgets where its soul hides

And thinks its spirit died

When you’ve caught your reflection and feel as if knowing eyes whisper,

“Something’s amiss,”

It’s time for a love initiative

To be spoken for an inner fulfillment

When the soul needs a talk with the spirit and the mind needs to know silence and hear the stillness

When the body needs that supernatural cry and finds no earthly tears are left

To give real tear shedding its justice

A love initiative

To meet myself for the first time

To listen and hear that I am deeply missed

“…Hi…how you doing? How you’ve been?”

What a pleasure to see

To witness

One true image preserved

For me

I see it clearly


Durable, valuable, precious, sacred,

Meant to withstand

Strands of hair shape into a spiral

Lips full…

Body a sturdy vessel meant to hold the truth and the shadows

My eyes see a woman

And she lays to rest

Rocking back and forth,

Lullabying herself to sleep with a song she sings over praying hands

She sings me a sacred message

Only I understand

Her voice is singing in the stillness

Each sound begins to soothe my soul

I listen closely to hear if this voice is my own

Her hands hold something

I open them and find a spark inside

She is kept

She is a gift

A love initiative

Untitled Piece

We can go
And find the pieces we left along the way
Retell the story and take the things that make us tattered and torn,
tattered and worn
And suture us together again
Weave ourselves into beings that know we need mending,
Remember all the things we pushed aside
Find the hidden answers and shake the dust out
Call silenced things by their names, as we dig up our skeletons
and watch them turn human again
I’ll trace back to when we were outlined with night
And the stars lit our eyes
And the only us seen was eyes and teeth, eyes and teeth
I took one little star that lit your eyes, put it in mine, and left the rest of us out there
Us creatures of the night only allowing ourselves a mere outline,
I’ll bear witness to our brokenness
and maybe we’ll get closer to God’s reflection this way
Knowing we’re a patchwork in need of a trimming cause our edges are frayed,
Reaching the Promised Land, only to find we left pieces of our essence
along the way, I’ll ask the almighty for a needle and a thread
We are, a bunch of tiny things, in need of putting together
As we dig up our skeletons and watch them turn human again

pieces of a love letter

Your eyes shift colors cuz you’re complex like that

From green to blue, from blue to grey, and at times I catch flickers of yellow passing by

And I watch the colors match the mood your eyes have cast on you

Many-color-eyes…I think the world of you

Cuz you carry many shades like that

And each color you have lights a spark inside

And I think I understand that

The layers beyond human understanding

That gives the thoughts behind your phrases

The intention behind your words

The vibration that carries your sound

And sometimes I look upon you

With your many-color-eyes

And think that you’re heart may be heavy with too much love

And I think the world of you for that…always have

Cuz I think we’re linked like that

And you’re complex like that

From green to blue

from blue to grey,

and at times I catch flickers of yellow passing by


Your eyes reflect mine…