Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love Initiative

When the body and mind forgets where its soul hides

And thinks its spirit died

When you’ve caught your reflection and feel as if knowing eyes whisper,

“Something’s amiss,”

It’s time for a love initiative

To be spoken for an inner fulfillment

When the soul needs a talk with the spirit and the mind needs to know silence and hear the stillness

When the body needs that supernatural cry and finds no earthly tears are left

To give real tear shedding its justice

A love initiative

To meet myself for the first time

To listen and hear that I am deeply missed

“…Hi…how you doing? How you’ve been?”

What a pleasure to see

To witness

One true image preserved

For me

I see it clearly


Durable, valuable, precious, sacred,

Meant to withstand

Strands of hair shape into a spiral

Lips full…

Body a sturdy vessel meant to hold the truth and the shadows

My eyes see a woman

And she lays to rest

Rocking back and forth,

Lullabying herself to sleep with a song she sings over praying hands

She sings me a sacred message

Only I understand

Her voice is singing in the stillness

Each sound begins to soothe my soul

I listen closely to hear if this voice is my own

Her hands hold something

I open them and find a spark inside

She is kept

She is a gift

A love initiative

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