Sunday, May 23, 2010

Story of the Oppositional Spark: a choreo-poem

There’s a speck of light in the dark
Flickering to keep its spark of consciousness rising
Looking like a sore against an image of darkness, so it names itself the oppositional spark
The darkness speaks amongst itself—Says,
“This is the way it’s supposed to be!”
Only seeing itself affirmed
It demonizes the spark rising

Spark thinks it may be crazy—see that’s why it’s flickering about
Says—“If light is what dispels the depths of darkness,
then what’s out there that affirms me?”
Spark looks and beholds other sparks flickering wildly
Says to itself,
“I believe we are the eyes of the darkness
...and we struggle to name what causes the darkness.
We go in search of the sparks rising.
We go!"
I said my baby!
I said my baby!
Let’s go!
Let’s go my baby!
These lips do not offer sugary smiles
Or words drenched in syrup
For you to swallow easy
Nor a shuffling vessel colored in black for you to wrap your dominance on
Because I’m the one the sun kissed itself on
And it kissed me in an image of light
The sore with the spark inside
Marked with dark skin to remind that I struggle to antagonize your white supremacy