Saturday, June 12, 2010

Images in Contradiction

"A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double."

Toni Morrison

Sister in my image/we’re something like a double/but we’re not twins/cut from the same dark cloth/birthed from similar ancestors/carry in our tongues/our voices/our appearance/our truth-tellings/our dispersed lineages and shaken histories/broken realities/no one can make heads or tails of our being here/to them it remains a problem to solve/to explain the legacy of us/sister/sister in my image/I believe we are walking contradictions/and I call u mine/because it is you I lay myself down with in those still places/when I want to cover myself in nighttime and have the stars as my night lights/Sister in my image/you recognize that I am yours/and you are mine/and we can see/see ourselves/you become the stars and I nighttime/and I the stars and you night time/you see me/Cuz you got my eyes/I hear you/Cuz I have your ears/we wrap around the darkness and light/and we call each other/mine/say hush-hush secrets/compare our scars and bruises/count the tears we've cried/and watch our harmed spots turn into calluses/cuz we know we need thick skin/but/in this still place we hug our contradictions/love on fresh cuts/and ask them to stay/and we gaze in on ourselves/only us sister/we escape the imperial gaze/and talk-talk hush hushedly/you and me/organize our stars to see our common enemy/and devise plans to resist/you go this way/I go that way/we’re cut the same/but/in our stillness/u see this/and I hear that/we disagree/the contradictions of doubles but not twins/contradictions in the way we think/”Here’s the struggle you won't hear”/I say/”No!"/You reply/"That’s the beauty you won't see…”/Sister in my image/cut from the same dark cloth/doubles maybe/but not twins…

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