Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photography of my Mind

The pictures I have posted were taken by Samsam Yusuf. She is a wonderful photographer and I was happy to pose for her portfolio. She also happens to be my friend. I am inspired by her work because she is an African woman taking pictures of African women and working to re-present images that capture our beauty and struggles.
She cares deeply about social justice and says, "I'm interested in change and I consider myself the change I want to see in the world!" I am happy that she is using the power of photography for social justice. Much respect!
She currently resides in Seattle, Washington so if you're looking for a photographer give her a shout out. Yusuf will be showing more of her photography on her blog She can also be contacted at Below you will find her picture and then some photos she took of me. Enjoy!


  1. nice photograph...
    like this...

    I really want to see pictures of your next ..
    because I follow you.

    if you wish do not forget to follow me back ..

  2. Hello Taruna,
    Thanks for commenting! I've followed you back. Can't wait to read and comment on your blog


  3. Samsam is truly gifted with a camera. Keep it up Samsam. Two very beautiful ladies in those photos...and the quality photos truly capture so much!

  4. Thank you so much Nonotsho. I appreciate your comment. Itoro inspires me and it was a pleasure working with here. If you would like to check out more photos. I have switched my blogs from Blogger to tumblr. Here is my new site. Thank you again.