Monday, August 23, 2010

Quote of My Mind: Lucile Clifton

I love this poem and it's speaking to me on many levels right now. This poem is Lucile Clifton's, Why some people be mad at me sometimes. Her words are definitely in my mind right now. If you know of any other inspiring poems or quotes please share. I'm on the lookout for more poems to read!

"Why some people be mad at me sometimes

They ask me to remember

But they want me to remember

Their memories

And I keep on remembering mine"

Lucile Clifton

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Initiative Revisited

Finally I have some time to work on revisiting and re-editing my music. First on the list? The Love Initiative clip I posted a while ago. I've extended the original a bit more and I believe I'll end the song here. The rest of my work on this song will simply be to polish up the end (as well as some little audio things) and then leave it alone. Love Initiative is an attempt to initiate love with one's self and sort out where to go next. It was what I wrote when my soul needed a conversation. The painting you will see in the video was done by artist and friend Catalina Nieto. This is one of my favorite paintings out of her many great ones. So if your interested in Catalina's paintings, or have any other suggestions, critiques, questions, wonders, revelations, insights, comments, etc., please drop a line and share your thoughts. Otherwise, hope you enjoy.