Saturday, January 1, 2011

Niahra's Shoes

Niahra’s got a job now. A nice desk job where she gets to answer the telephone and run errands for suit and tie people. You know those kind of jobs I'm talking about? The kind of jobs your parents want you to get that requires you to look all “big and bad” and business like. The jobs that make you look like your running things, even when you’re just doing the bidding of someone who is bigger and badder than you. You know that work I'm talking about right? The picking up the phone--“Hello, this is Mr. So an So’s office how may I direct your phone call?”-- kinda work, the behind the desk filing papers work, the gotta be busy, busy, busy-body work. You know what I mean. The secretary work. Niahra’s a secretary.

She got on a pair of brown flats that slightly pinch her toes. I should have gotten a size bigger, she thinks. She would like to return them, but she lost the receipt. Besides that, Niahra’s never been too fond of spending too much of her time with clothes and shoes. She probably put those shoes on knowing they pinched her poor toes just so too, and haphazardly decided that it wouldn’t be a problem…until. It became a problem. She probably didn’t even think about what it would mean to have to wear those shoes for 5 hours and 5 days out of the week. Or. What it would be like to have to walk up the stairs with those shoes and walk down the stairs with those shoes. Or. What it would be like to walk from her office across the street to the post office so she could send her bosses letters express.

And! She never thought. That even as she was standing still to order a medium coffee (not decaf, the suit and tie boss doesn’t put up with decaf) with light cream and 2 sugars that she would feel the little pinch pinch pinching from her shoes. And every time she stands, without fail she feels it. That pinch pinch pinching. She never thought. She never thought how much those shoes could hurt.

Well. Niahra will just have to get over it and move on. I suppose she can try to get some new ones. But you never know what you’re gonna get. With her next professional like shoes they may even have too much heel or too much foot room or even find somewhere else to pinch. Humph! Doesn't she look all business like? Pleated pencil skirt. Check! White collared shirt with the blue shiny buttons. Check! Little silver stud earrings. Check! Brown pumps. Check! Aching feet? Well. Poor thing thought being all business like would exempt her from having foot pain. But those feet ache so...check! Oh well. Ain’t nothing she can do but to yell at these big and bad people who order the smaller people to sweat over making those shoes. And really, what good would that do when they make and sell so goddamn many of them?

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