Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Inner Call

Amidst the crowd your voice sounds the call for freedom

Shackles that bind us to our demons must be released

Humans must recognize all humans as potential

Lovers, friends, siblings, parents, allies

in this struggle to regain ourselves

This is the public statement decreed

With a stern face and unwavering eye

Not a bump in the voice to be found

You are clear

Yet I know you all too well

‘Cause you can’t even look at me straight

Without cutting your eyes in disdain

Sneering a foul remark

Like I’m wasting space here

The practice of love renders a hole in our hearts

Cruelty is used on the nearest reflection of our shortcomings

Giving each other the leftovers

The Second hand things

The hand me downs


The throw aways

The forgetful parts of ourselves


Any possible bond we could have

To sustain

Your sideways comments

Has taught those gazing with an oppressor’s eye

That there’s nothing wrong with

Humiliating and cajoling

When asserting one’s position

And we find ourselves back to square one again

Sounding the call for collectivities

And if you can’t look me in the eye

Without wincing in pain

Then who would you rather see sitting

At the table of our liberation?

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